Thursday, May 19, 2016

When will 2016 TOST to be scheduled?

2016 TOST (Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour) has been scheduled:

10/27 - 11/3/2016

Highlight Taiwan's Pacific Coast tea districts:

HuaTung Encanto:
  Hands on study Taitung Oolong
  Visit and study at TRES / Taitung Branch
  Visit Dancing Crane Terrace, study on Formosa Bonita
  Visit Taiwan's 'Little Switzerland' (六十石山) inner side of Coastal Mountain.

Yilan Charm:
   Study on Yilan Jade, Yilan Milk Oolong, Yilan Amber
   (How different terroirs found compared from Alishan, Lishan, Shanlinsi...)

We will still cover:
Wenshan Pouchong District, 
TaoChuMiao Tea District, 
Mid Taiwan Tea District

Details of 2016 TOST program will be announced at World Tea Expo 2016.

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