Friday, November 17, 2017

Another year, mission accomplished!

During the TOST trip, we always have tea-sense in our minds, agree or disagree over a cup of tea... from different point of view... that is "group learning" all about!

Even at the last moment before our Closing Ceremony, Johnny has driven from his Lishan factory to join us since very early morning., Norman 許正清 has rushed himself from Hsinchu to share with our members two ways of his cupping practices... Mr. 林耀精 called to send regards; Master Steve Huang and Hung-Chen Wang... rushed to have the Alishan Milk Oolong that #TOST2017 hands on making to make sure our members will head home with them... 

Love and Passions about Taiwan Tea filled up the spirit for TOST program, and we just can't thank enough. Most importantly, our TOST friends: you are the reason we have this program. Another year, mission accomplished!

These are 4 links that CNA has interviewed Josephine and me right before my departure from Taoyuan Airport back to Los Angeles on 10/30/2017. (*First two are in English, and the last two are in Hanji version.)

As Paul Richards has said it well, we now will have more Ambassadors out there to get ready to celebrate our "Formosa Oolong 150 (1869-2019)" in year 2019!


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Testimonials about "TOST" Programs

From 2016 TOST:

COWAN, Wesley
CROW, Diana
GOO, Byron
HAMMOND, Suzette
LO, Shih-Hung
Mr. Lin (Lin Wang Tea)
Johnny Tu (HGT)
Norman Shu (SKT)
Josephine Pan 
Thomas Shu
From the Group of 2014 TOST 

Susan Kilian
Eric Bidault
Lisa Baughman
Tania Stacey
Jeni Dodd
Lynn Benson
Victoria Boyert
Patti Harrison
Bob Krul
Sonny Manzo
Jerry Liu
Aya Lin
Shih-Hung Lo

From the Group of 2013 TOST 
Chris Anderson  
Robert Comins
Wendy Ho  
Susan Kilian
Nancy Lisicki 

Thomas Lisicki 
Julia Matson 
Terry Morrison 
Jeanne Sielaff 
Tania Stacey 
William Wertheim 
Robert Williford

From the Group of 2012 TOST

Chris Anderson
Robin Baker   (IMS, Ltd.)
Robert Boewe   (The Spice Merchant)
Jeni Dodd  (Jeni's Tea)
Jeffrey Lorien   (Zhi Tea Gallery)
Michele Savage  (IMS, Ltd.)

From the group of 2010 TOST ----

Bill Waddington   (Tea Source)           
Bob Krul  (CTC Brewt Corporation)
Daniela Cubelic   (Silk Road Tea)  
Elise Scott  (Pearl Fine Teas)               
Judith Krall-Russo   (Judith Krall Russo, LLC)
Hoda Paripoush   (Sloane Tea Company)
Karen Hartwick   (Tea Leaves Tea Tasting Bar)
Ken Rudee   (Rudee Enterprises, Inc.)
Linda Villano   (SerendipiTea)
Lisa Boalt Richardson   (Lisa Knows Tea)
Lynayn Mielke   (Lighten Up Teas with Lynayn Mielke)
Melissa Wawrzonek  (Clipper Ship Tea Company)
Michelle Rose  (Cloudwater Farm)
Newman Johnston  (Teas Etc, Inc.)
Robert Boewe   (The Spice Merchant)