Monday, May 9, 2011

2010 TOST - Hands On @TRES - Yuchih Branch

The fresh tea leaves were delivered to Yuchih before we arrive. Steve Huang, our instructor greets all of our members and a series of hands on tea making experiences in a long day just started. There were facilities tours inside the branch, plus many sessions of classes, discussions and cuppings during each break between outdoor withering and indoor withering, and the waiting time of each fluffing...till midnight. Finally, the leaf is ready for panning, rolling and drying...
We come back to finish up the canvas wrapped rolling process the second morning...
The photos here can only have very little explanation...luckily, we got Steve to get on the white board to review each step by step...Jackson, Norman, even William get their time to share with our members. What an experience in Yuchih!

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