Sunday, February 10, 2013

2012 TOST - Visit SanHsia Tea District

"Taiwan PiLoChun and Taiwan Dragon Well"? Oh yes! Not to doubt, they are from right here.
This small and unique tea district, Sanhsia is about 30 minutes away from Taipei.  (There is a big coffee chain in Taiwan has worked out a program to have its brewed coffee beans transported to here to be recycled in the local tea garden as its organic fertilizer. In exchange, the coffee chain is using the tea from the district. 
On 10/26 morning, we visit Mr. Lee again.  The Lee's family are very kind to open their factory and tea garden for our TOST members to study here in the past few years.  Mr. Lee is working on ISO22000 for the tea plant, and we hope it will be soon materialized.

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