Monday, August 3, 2009

2009 TOST - Pouchong - Panning (6/22/2009@Pinling)

Due to the limited eauipments for panning and each member only got so little volume of leaves...
TTMA and TRES staff did suggest to blend in every member's leaves to be panned together...
Not as great as we were expected, but safety issue is also highly concerned...Our two tea masters took over the leaves that accomplished the proper withering and oxidizing process by our members...they heat up the pan (around 230 degree C) and firing for 2-3 minutes...this process also known as De-Enzyme, to stop the enzyme in the leaf to go further oxidizing. Not an easy job indeed.

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  1. More evidence that teamaking is a difficult chore. The heat is dangerous and the timing needs to be just right. --Spirituality of Tea