Sunday, January 27, 2013

2012 TOST - Early Departure

This year, we missed two members of 2012 TOST in our Closing Ceremony. It actually is the first time that we have our members' early departure.
Tai Tokugawa has to catch up her trade show in Philly, so she needs to leave for the Taoyuan Airport after our last stop of 10/26 schedule - visit I-Mei Foods Factory.  Tai receives her Certificate presented by Jackson Huang at I-Mei.

 Gina Palombi worries about the Super storm in East Coast might get her to be stuck in the LAX, and cannot be her family in time.  She has made an arrangement to leave on the early morning of 10/28.  Josephine has asked Gina to share with us her thoughts about this trip on the way back from Formosa Black Tea Company.