Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2012 TOST - Visit Sha Keng Tea Manufactory (10/27/2012)


Grand Cupping is always so impressive to our TOST friends.  On 10/27/2012, we visit Sha Keng Tea and to meet with Norman Shu (the President of TTMA). He has prepared 4 tables-full of teas: Table 1 is lined up with the status of Oxidation (from green tea, pouchong, jade, classic tungting and amber oolong)., Table 2 is baked oolongs with 3 machinery baked and 2 charcoal baked., Table 3 is Oriental Beauty with different grades., Table 4 is Brandy Oolong with different cultivars. Norman leads this cupping session, and really refresh our members with their learning during the week.   
My father is the most excited person that day. He has been waiting for our TOST friends every year at the factory, and he likes to greet everyone and make sure Josephine and I have done our jobs right. 

Mr. Ken Rudee, a good friend of ours and a 3 time TOST member, has bestowed upon me the task of carrying the "First Place Award" Plaque that he won with his Oriental Beauty, in Tea Contest at the WTE. He wants Norman Shu to present it to the farmer who makes that award winning tea.  Mr Chen came all the way from Miaoli to meet with us here.  Mr. Chen is extremely honored and grateful.

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