Thursday, January 24, 2013

2012 TOST - Visit Hsu Yao-Liang Tea Factory (10/27/2012)

Master Hsu Yao-Liang and his wife are frequent winners of Oriental Beauty contests in Taiwan.  We have the great honor to make appointment to come to visit them, also to have a tour of his factory. Jackson told us that Japanese TOST group has done several hands on tea making there.
October is not the right season for genuine Oriental Beauty.  Farmers must be very selective to have the leaf with green leaf hoppers' trace of visit...and the quantity is indeed very limited.  We are amazed to see those leaves spread on the bamboo tray for the withering...
Our members were wondering why we don't get to taste his best tea there? (Maybe those finest Oriental Beauty from the Summer crop 2012 were long gone...or probably these teas are extremely expensive and we might not be able to afford?) It is not kidding, for the first place winner, the tea could be around US$100,000 per 600 g at the Auction.
Let us sell more tea and then we can have ourselves able to sip a few cups of Oriental Beauty.
(I wish and do hope so.)

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