Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 TOST - Walking around Taipei old tea district (10/28/2012)

After the closing ceremony and also our traditional Vegetarian Buffet, Jackson Huang leads our members to walk around the Taipei Old Tea District (Da-Dao-Cheng).  We start from Dong Wu Hotel and walk along Liang-Chou-Jieh, to Chung-Ching N. Road, to Min-Sheng W. Road, to Que-De-Jieh, to Nangking W. Road, and Di-Hua-Jieh...  Each building has its own story, each street cherishes with busy activities of tea trade, and several old sites still remain their original while many are covered and replaced with different new looks... It is a perfect ending with this walking tour for our 2012 TOST program.

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