Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 TOST - Taipei Old Tea District (10/23/2011)

On 10/23/2011, the last day of our 2011 TOST program... all members were having a walking tour around Taipei's old tea district. Dong Wu Hotel actually is right in this district. We have stopped by some sites of old tea refineries...old exporters warehouses...big wholesalers corners...the famous Dihua Street, Quede Street, Harbor Dadaochen... Lee Chun-Shen memorial chapel...

Friday, November 11, 2011

2011 TOST - Certificates Ceremony (10/23/2011)

How is coming to an end of 2011 Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour already.
We don't know how much our members have learned from this program... Yet, we are sure that we do enjoy this group very much from the viewpoint of organizer. Taiwan Tea Manufacturers Association has made a change on its role in conducting this TOST program. Josephine and I actually have to take the full responsibility of managing the whole many people that we are grateful for their supports and assistance...and it seems that the weather this year is extremely good to us. We are truly blessed.
This year, we decided to have the certificates to be presented by our members, one to another. As we feel this is truly a group learning experience, and it is the best way to do so.
Please enjoy these good moments of ours.