Friday, October 27, 2017

2017 TOST - Opening Ceremony

#2017TOST finally is here.
We are very excited that this is our 10th Anniversary for this program.  Back in 2007, when I was invited by Taiwan Tea Manufacturers' Association to be "Ambassador of Taiwan Tea", and to carry out a mission to promote Taiwan tea and tea culture in Northern America.  Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour (TOST) is the program that I have launched for this mission.  With Josephine's super talent and capability to organize and coordinate year after year.  We are proud to have TOST program successfully executed.
Welcome our members of 2017 TOST, we will have 8 days 7 nights to study and learn together.

2017 TOST - Wenshan District and Taipei City

#2017TOST begins with Wenshan Tea District to study Pouchong tea.  We select a good friend, Jacob Bai's ISO22000 certified factory to visit.  Due to the heavy raining, we cannot walk in the garden, but we do get to see how they remove the moisture and skipped the outdoor withering...  All their Spring 2017 Pouchong sold out, and so funny that our friends actually enjoy buying Mr. Bai's 40 year old Aged Pouchong that his parents offer for tasting.


After we return to city, we visit a place that has so many tea shops and tea bars in one floor of a department store... Our friends get to stop by each one and do a little research of their own...


We also stopped by Yung Kang Street, where recently many tea shops are popping up there... After we visited Wand Der Chuan, the famous tea shops chain that creates librarian style tea display and labeling designed by our good friend, Lynn Wang.  Lynn has offered us her new product, sparlking oolong in bottle besides a few Taiwan Oolongs that our members asked for...