Sunday, May 11, 2014

2013 TOST - Opening Ceremony

Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour (TOST) is an intensive week long tea educational program, which includes visit Taiwan’s tea gardens, farms, factories, museums, tea-houses, and research centers. This fosters many open discussions between farmers, scientists, and tea enthusiasts alike for our members. There is a two day hands-on session in AliShan that everyone will be making Jade Oolong from plucking the fresh leaves at the garden, step by step, to a complete tea ready to be taken home.  Taiwan Tea Institute is trying very hard to make every possible minute as packed with useful tea information.

This is the 6th year of our TOST program, and we have a very well mixed group of tea professionals from Northern America, Australia and England.  Group learning is indeed more fun and powerful, and we believe the "fermentation" of TOST training will continuously benefit everyone's career development or business growing.  A series of slides that cover the whole program of  TOST 2013 are posted below.  We have also posted the links of testimonials from our members on the right column of this blog.

Browse on...I hope to see you among our next TOST trip !

2013 TOST - Visit Wenshan Farm

2013 TOST - Visit TRES Wenshan Branch

2013 TOST - Visit Tse-Xin Farm

2013 TOST - Visit Jiou Fen Tea Room in New Taipei

2013 TOST - Visit Hong Hsin Tea Nursery

2013 TOST - Visit Mr. Chen's Organic Tea Garden in Nantou

2013 TOST - Visit TRES Yuchih Branch

2013 TOST - Hand Rolling at Tung Fung Tea Factory

2013 TOST - Visit TTC's Yuchih Old Tea Factory

2013 TOST - Arriving Alishan for Hands on Tea Making

2013 TOST - Hands on Making Jade Oolong ( Visit Garden, Plucking)

2013 TOST - Hands on Making Jade Oolong (Outdoor Solar Withering)

2013 TOST - Hands on Making Jade Oolong (Indoor Withering)

2013 TOST - Hands on Making Jade Oolong (Oxidaion)

2013 TOST - Hands on Making Jade Oolong (Panning, Rolling, Drying)

2013 TOST - Hands on Making Jade Oolong ( breaks and classes)

2013 TOST - Hands on Making Jade Oolong (Wrapped Rolling)

2013 TOST - Hands on making Jade Oolong (Baking)

2013 TOST - Leaving Alishan

2013 TOST - Visit RuFa Tea Factory in San Tseng Ping

2013 TOST - Visit TRES - Tung Ting Substation

2013 TOST - Visit Tang Yuan in Puli, Nantou

2013 TOST - Stay over New Era Arts Villa in Puli, Nantou

2013 TOST - Visit Hua Tao Yau Garden

2013 TOST - Visit Oriental Beauty Museum in Beipu

2013 TOST - Visit Sha Keng Tea Manufactory

2013 TOST - Visit Formosa Black Tea Company

2013 TOST - Visit SanHsia Tea District

2013 TOST - Visit Ceramic Town, Yinge

2013 TOST - Visit TRES HQ

2013 TOST - Visiting I-Mei Foods

2013 TOST - Certification Ceremony (2 sections)

2013 TOST - Walking around Taipei Old Tea District