Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 TOST - Visit King Tai Tea Factory (10/22/2011)

Kuanshi, Hsinchu is a small town, population here is about 28,000, shrunk from 60,000 half century ago. This town is famous for the Longevity of its residents. (Partially because of great environment, but many young people moved out due less jobs opportunities.) Yet this town used to be an important place for Taiwan's tea industry back in 1930-1970. King Tai Tea Factory is one of those big tea manufacturers is reserved and displayed as it was since old days. We appreciate the owner - Lo family's generosity and kindness for willing to convert this big old tea factory to be a museum for visit.

2011 TOST - Visit FORTEACO (10/22/2011)

FORTEACO (Formosa Black Tea Co) is a must visit place of our TOST program. We have returned to this place for the fourth time, and every time, Mr. Lou and his team always present us something new on their display. In addition to a briefing along the guided tour, plus a great film about the company's history...our members are actually having a session of "History of Taiwan Tea Industry". This year we even arranged a Taiwan Tea Forum at the conference room of FORTEACO.