Sunday, September 17, 2023

#2023TOST -

9.17.2023 Sunday afternoon

Heartfelt appreciation to Arno Tsai of CHENPION… 
we did total 13 Taiwan Oolong on 5 Comparison Cuppings -
*two Jade Oolong (Jin Suang vs SiChiChun) in Cultivar study.
*3 Jade Oolong (all Chinsing Oolong cultivar) comparison cuppings in different seasons
*3 Jade Oolong, all Chinsing Oolong cultivar, from Lishan, DaYuLing, YuShan for mountains and Estates comparisons.
*3 Formosa Bonita: FB 74 from Alishan, FB 18 & FB 21 from Sun Moon Lake
*Oriental Beauty vs. Chun Oolong
At the end, a tea ceremony by Arno with Classic TungTing
What a nicely designed Focused Study on Taiwan Oolong for our TOST friends!

Thursday, September 14, 2023


We have a mini TOST this year… 
our first stop is the Academia Historica! It was our great honor to be greeted by President Chen and his great staff…Mr. Melvin Chen, our lovely Director Ao and Andy Chen!