Sunday, September 17, 2023

#2023TOST -

9.17.2023 Sunday afternoon

Heartfelt appreciation to Arno Tsai of CHENPION… 
we did total 13 Taiwan Oolong on 5 Comparison Cuppings -
*two Jade Oolong (Jin Suang vs SiChiChun) in Cultivar study.
*3 Jade Oolong (all Chinsing Oolong cultivar) comparison cuppings in different seasons
*3 Jade Oolong, all Chinsing Oolong cultivar, from Lishan, DaYuLing, YuShan for mountains and Estates comparisons.
*3 Formosa Bonita: FB 74 from Alishan, FB 18 & FB 21 from Sun Moon Lake
*Oriental Beauty vs. Chun Oolong
At the end, a tea ceremony by Arno with Classic TungTing
What a nicely designed Focused Study on Taiwan Oolong for our TOST friends!

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