Wednesday, July 15, 2015

20 YouTube videos edited from TOST 2008-2014

TOST visit Taiwan Tea Districts:
1.) SanHsia Breeze:
2.) HuaTung Encanto:
4.) ShanLinSi (Lionhead Mountain):
5.) ShanLinSi (Bagua Tea Garden):
6.) Alishan  (Wang Ting Tea Garden):

TOST visit Historical Tea Plants in Taiwan:
1.) Tao-Chu-Miao:
2.) TTC (Tashi Tea Plant):

TOST Hands- on Tea Making:
2.) Oriental Beauty:
3.) Alishan Jade Oolong:
4.) Hand Rolling Formosa Bonita in Sun Moon Lake:
5.) Sun Moon Lake Jade Oolong:

TOST Group Learning:
1.) Group Studies during Breaks:
2.) Study at a Tea Nursery:
3.) Study at Eco-farming Tea Gardens:
4.) Study Food Safety at I-Mei Foods:
5.) Canvas Wrapped Rolling: 
6.) Pouchong Wrapping:

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A day in Alishan for making Jade Oolong

2014 TOST group hands on making Jade Oolong in Alishan. 
A long day from 7 am till 1:30am the second day...

See this one and hope you will be able to be one of our TOST members soon!

Study at a Tea Nursery

TOST 2011-2-3, three years in a row, we have arranged our members to visit Hong Hsing Tea Nursery at Nantou County. It is a lot easier to understand the tea cultivars right at a tea nursery. Finding out what cultivars are demanding by farmers and what types of teas they are working on... Thanks to our host, Mr. Kang for his patience and guidance. We are grateful to those scientists and farmers who have done marvelous R&D on this island. Taiwan does have many great cultivars that are suitable for making various teas...and most importantly grow well in certain tea districts with relative climate and soil condition. We also learned that certain licensee fees are involved on the deals of patented cultivars, which is more than fair and with good practice.

Click on this link.