Wednesday, July 15, 2015

20 YouTube videos edited from TOST 2008-2014

TOST visit Taiwan Tea Districts:
1.) SanHsia Breeze:
2.) HuaTung Encanto:
4.) ShanLinSi (Lionhead Mountain):
5.) ShanLinSi (Bagua Tea Garden):
6.) Alishan  (Wang Ting Tea Garden):

TOST visit Historical Tea Plants in Taiwan:
1.) Tao-Chu-Miao:
2.) TTC (Tashi Tea Plant):

TOST Hands- on Tea Making:
2.) Oriental Beauty:
3.) Alishan Jade Oolong:
4.) Hand Rolling Formosa Bonita in Sun Moon Lake:
5.) Sun Moon Lake Jade Oolong:

TOST Group Learning:
1.) Group Studies during Breaks:
2.) Study at a Tea Nursery:
3.) Study at Eco-farming Tea Gardens:
4.) Study Food Safety at I-Mei Foods:
5.) Canvas Wrapped Rolling: 
6.) Pouchong Wrapping:

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