Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010 TOST - Visit Formosa Black Tea Museum (10/23/2010)

Three years in a row, TOST has led our members to visit Formosa Black Tea Museum.
Mr. CS Lou, a senior tea professional in Taiwan and who is still working very hard with tea, not wasting any time during the season. Every year he will just keep surprise us with something different in their exhibition, plus the presentation films that they've continuously produced. There is an important reason why we like to have our study on "History of Taiwan Tea Industry" there, not only because their conference room is so comfortable, also in an environment of old tea factory with so many historical photos and antiques on display, the feeling is just overwhelming. Our members were extremely excited and won't miss to have photos in front of the classic tea cupping counter there, and thinking of so many tea buyers around the World used to cup and make deals right at the same spot...
While most people might think the company by its name must be producing Black tea at the facility, yet our members were served with bottled water dashed with steam-fired green tea powder, which is the primary product Mr. Lo is making now. It may sound funny, a black tea company that is making sencha green tea and green tea powder...yet it is how Taiwan tea industry has gone through...very flexible, and we will continue to make changes if time goes by.

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  1. The following feedback is from Mr. CS Lou:

    Dear Thomas,
    Thank you so much for your photos–illustrated introduction of our Formosa Black Tea Museum. It was really well edited for which we thank you very much. Personally, I would like to use Forteaco Tea Museum rather than Formosa Black Tea Museum which seemed to be limited to Black Tea only. Besides, we, our company, would like to avoid being mistaken as a passé in Taiwan tea industry, left behind nothing but some old antique tea factory. As a matter of fact, we have been trying very hard to stay in the business as tea manufacturers-exporters-importers with our unique tea manufacturing and blending know-how. Our motto is “You have to be the best to stay in the business.”

    I used to tell my staffs that if our business stage is limited or offset by those biased governmental policies or any other reasons, we can find new stage abroad or introducing foreign business stage into Taiwan as our survival policy. After all, to make the pie of tea business bigger serves our survival policy best, otherwise, we had better choose the alternative business and leave the tea business for good and all.