Sunday, March 10, 2013

2012 TOST - Visit Hong-Hsin Tea Nursery (10/23/2012)

Mr. Kang, the owner of Hong-Hsin Tea Nursery is waiting for our arrival.  We are grateful to his kindness to open his tea nursery for our 2012 TOST friends.  Some farmers are having their own tea plants to be cloned in their own gardens.  Yet, most farmers will purchase healthy tea plants from the tea nurseries.  Hong-Sing might be the largest tea nursery in the Nantou tea district, and our instructor Mr. Steve Huang is a good friend, and that is why we are able to study cloning the tea plants here.  So many baby tea plants...and we can tell from his nursery's arrangement to judge what kind of cultivars are popular and why...

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