Thursday, May 9, 2013

2012 TOST - Opening Ceremony (10/21/2012)

This is our 5th Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour.  We believe in group learning.  A very well mixed group of tea professionals from Northern America, each year we are having one week long hands on study on the fields, at the plants, meeting many farmers, industry leaders, scientists and researchers... After each trip, the fermentation is always continuously on going.  Thanks to many volunteers chipped in this program with their passionate love in tea.  We just hope with this program it will benefit everyone in his/her career development or business growing.  We know at least, Taiwan tea industry is winning many more friends in Northern America.  Soon, there will be more Ambassador of Taiwan Tea will work on the roads at the marketplace.  We have a series of slideshows that cover the whole program of 2012 TOST. 
Browse on...I hope you will be one of our members of next TOST trip !


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  2. Can you please tell me how do I sign up for our tea tour in taiwan?