Sunday, February 12, 2012

2011 TOST - Finding Sanhsia Breeze (10/21/2011)

After three long days hands on making tea in Alishan and mid Taiwan, we will have a light traveling today. Near Taipei city, there is another important tea district - Sanhsia, where still relies on a special cultivar - Chinsin Ganchong in this district. Also, this is the only place in the whole country that is making Lung Jing and Pi Lo Chun since 1949. Taiwan's Lung Jing and Pi Lo Chun are indeed a bit different from China. Not only the cultivar, the craftsmanship and machines used in the process also very different. In old days, "No Choice" is a good excuse for the tea factories in this tea district to be able to domain the supply. Now, international tea lovers are willing to pay for their specialty. Besides Green tea Pi Lo Chun and Lung Jing, nowadays, we also found Oriental Beauty and Brandy Oolong FB 68 from Sanhsia Breeze. Our members were lucky to see how the farmers using the layer technique to clone their new tea plants. We also visit an old tea factory owned by our good friend Mr. CC Lee, who is upgrading his tea plant to get ISO22000 approved.

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