Friday, February 10, 2012

2011 TOST - Visit Kuan Chun PonFonCha Museum (10/22/2011)

We are heading for Hsinchu County today with a busy schedule of visiting a few old tea factories that have been converted to tea museums. Our first stop is to the home town of PonFonCha (Oriental Beauty) - Beipu and Omei.
At Kuan Chun PonFonCha Museum, we are guided to see how the Oriental Beaauty and many other teas used to be processed with array of old machines on display. Amazingly, those antiques are actually still can move with power on... The owner Mr. Peng's family used to work very closely with Jackson Huang while Formosa Oolong was busy shipping out to Europe and North America. Apparently, now they have done marvelous job to make this place a tourists' favorite. At least 50 big buses there while we checked out the place. Our members got chance to hands on working on Leicha and also enjoyed Hakka mochi. Tommy took many good shots for every one while we are having fun there... I feel sorry and disappointed that the museum seem to lose the focus, and we did not get chance to cup Oriental Beauty with proper infusion.

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