Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2011 TOST - Visit TRES / Yuchih Branch (10/18/2011)

Here we come, one of the most important research stations for Taiwan tea - TRES / Yuchih Branch. We were told this place actually owns the best look-out for the famous Sun Moon Lake, plus very beautiful surrounding view. Besides many experimental gardens at various altitude, and several pilot production rooms for got one unique and old building resembled the Ceylon black tea factory (probably the only one existing in Taiwan), built by Japanese back in 1937. The new exhibition hall is very nicely displayed with up-to-date tea information.
We had our hands on tea making Tung-Ting Oolong here last year with our 2010 TOST group. This time, we picked another site in Alishan for our tea making session with hands on making High Mountain Jade Oolong. So, this time we simply pay our visit and take a series of tea cupping that guided by Master Steve Huang.
There are many more exciting new tea cultivars are under developed here. Maybe one day you are enjoying some new Taiwan teas and you will be able to share with your customers and friends, exactly where these new cultivars from...
Yesterday, we were in Wenshan Branch, and now here is Yuchih Branch...Salute to many great scientists' continuous efforts for giving us new cultivars, new concepts of plantation, harvesting, manufacturing... It is all about team-work., luckily Taiwan tea has a strong R&D team - TRES is there backing us up, always.

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