Monday, February 20, 2012

2011 TOST - Panning and Drying (10/19/2011)

Finally, after a long day's withering and oxidation, the leaf came to a status that is ready for panning with high temperature to de-enzyme and stop the leaf's continuous oxidation. Mr. Wang and Steve actually were competing each other with two lots of leaves - one in smaller batch that done the solar & indoor withering by our members...and another batch with big sheets to have higher volume, mass production by Mr. Wang and his staff. So, the two masters are more excited than most of our members. While the leaves off the drying machine, they got Mrs. Wang to grab samples for the blind cupping. (Guess which batch has better result? ) For most of members, they are more concerned when Steve will let everyone go to bed... Can you imagine tea farmers and tea masters on site just have to be there from the beginning, all the way to finishing up...step by step with high attention?

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