Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2011 TOST - Tubling the leaves (10/19/2011)

There are two bamboo tumblers set ready for our tea leaves to be removed from the trays, then to be placed in the tumblers for them to be repeatedly tumbled - at a slow speed. The purpose is to help the leaves to smoothly bring the moisture content from the center part to the edge...also with leaves in a tumbler can stir leaves evenly...(*all tools were invented to help ease the job...). We noticed that with bamboo meshes so the heat generated from the motion inside the tumbler can be flowed out...The floral aroma is so amazing... The leaves then to be unloaded from the tumbler, and we all help to fluff the leaves lightly on the trays, let them rest on the racks for another session of oxidation. If we were not there the whole time, we can hardly tell the tea leaf's changing from one step to another... The night is long all right...we are still working on our tea.

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