Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2011 TOST - Plucking the leaves (10/19/2011)

Early in the morning, we arrived Wang-Ting where we will have our tea making sessions...But all of a sudden, Steve asked every one back in vans to see how the fresh tea leaves to be plucked and those will be used for our hands on study. This truly is a great idea to begin with observing how our tea leaves began with. A few skillful ladies were there waiting for us and our members are so excited to take photos and ask questions... The cultivar there is Jin Suang (TTES 12), known also as Milk Oolong in the US. On our way walking (instead of riding the vans) back to Wang-Ting, Paula and Shane entertained all of us with a great pose on a road side "coffee table". Good to have a sunny day here in Alishan. (*More precisely, we are in Meishan Hsiang, Chiayi County.)

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