Saturday, October 27, 2018

5) #2018TOST - Heading back north... TaoChuMiao tea district...

We greet the sun rising... after a good rest in a super big room in Chu Shan.  Glad that we have nice fruits to go with our breakfast plus an Oolong treat by the host before our departure.  "Taiwanese are very friendly and they have warm hearts with sincerity."  Not only once our members have said it to me.


Ready to head north.  Before we visit TaoChuMiao tea district, where the home of Oriental Beauty... we need to make an important stop at HGT.  Since Lishan region is taking a long ride, so TOST has not planned to drive everyone there, but instead, we have the best Lishan Oolongs get set here in FengYuen at the headquarter of HGT.  It is always a privilege to have our good friend, Johnny Tu to give us a grand cupping of Lishan teas.


Continue our adventure... Omei and Beipu, are the home towns of Oriental Beauty or Pon Fon Cha. This year, we decide to visit Emei Tea in Omei township, Hsinchu county.  My good friend, Master Hsu has 3 sons now all are devoted in this family tea business.  Ming-Fung Hsu is the eldest son, and he did an excellent tour for us and our members are learning about Oriental Beauty from the cultivar, and also each important step during the process. 


After Emei Tea, we visit Sha Keng Tea Factory to study tea baking with Norman Shu.  We feel so sorry that we have to keep Norman and King to wait for us late...every year.  Norman has his ShaKeng Tea Club meeting with all sorts of tea topics every month... Persistence and passion in tea will keep this old tea factory in Tai3Route to a new era. Gambate !


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