Saturday, October 10, 2009

2009 TOST - Cupping and Reviewing at Taitung Branch (6/25/2009)

TRES/Taitung Branch Director Wu gave all of us a PPS introduction about this facility. He also had 12 different teas that he thought we might not able to see from other tea districts. So we did cup Honey Green, Honey Oolong, Pomelo Flower scented Oolong, Red Oolong, Honey Black, Ruby 18, plus several Herbal blend Black teas in teabag form. (**All these herbs are from their experiment gardens) Mr. Wu told us that he doesn't want to miss great opportunity to listen to our members' opinions about their herbal blends and new iced teas.
Our members all worked very hard to cup and jog down the they were told that we are going to take turn to share the comments. We have not done the review until later...on an raining afternoon on 6/26 while we were waiting for the indoor withering of our Oriental Beauty... Please see these photos carefully, every one is seriously sharing and also listening to others' comments....what a great group we have! Not only I respect you all very much, the Double Rainbows also give all of us a Big Smile!

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