Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009 TOST - Visit "19 Tea House" in Taipei (6/23/2009)

After we returned from Yilan tea district on 6/23/2009, we all agreed to have half an hour break and we will walk over to a cozy tea house in Ning Sia Road, very close to Jackson's office.

Josephine and I found out this new tea house on our previous trip (Mar/2009), we decided to add an evening here for our schedule.

Why? Their style is indeed very unique in Taipei. We thought it will be great to let our members to have a discussion here. (Look at our members in the pictures...every one has different opinion. Even Norman Shu, the Chairman of TTMA stayed with our group to observe our discussion. The owner, Mr. Kao also joined us for sharing his ideas...)

The building is an old wood stucture house with high ceiling located in Taipei's old district...few minutes away Yuan Huan Night Market. The owner Mr. Kao used to serve as Secretary Feneral for Taipei Tea Merchants Association... He found this place, and turn it around, but remain the feature, the remodel is very useful...A tea shop in the front, with a half-moon tea cupping and tasting counter for Mr. Kao to serve his new customers convienently...with every thing he needs for making a pot of tea... built around the counter... He got his tea and tea set dispaly very easy to browse...In the middle is a food stand and a bar counter for preparing tea and snacks to serve...Inside there are 5 tables for seating...perfect for some one who like to sip tea in a quiet corner, or to have a private party... (we like to know: do you like it?)

Mr. Kao told us he likes to use yixing teapot and cups...not in traditional small size...he insists that he wants to challenge his customers to use 500 cc pot and cup per order to enjoy tea...No refill... (we like to find out: can you take it?)

Okay, another reason we arrange our group to be here, because Mr. Kao has great snacks to go with your order... well, Josephine likes them... (we like to find out: do you like the modification of British Afternoon Tea to Mr. Kao's tea serving style?)

By the way, why name the tea house - "19 Tea House" ?
As seen on the sign hung on the wall that can be seen in our first photo - it might reflect Mr. Kao's philosophy:
"19" in Mandarin pronunciation means "Food & Wine" - he feels that fine tea has been set in a style of sipping in small cup...for a long long time...he will like to upset the traditionl...500 cc hot tea bottom up!? (You tell me.)

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  1. Food and wine? It seems like the tea is a kind of wine here, celebrated in spiritual tradition in personal ceremonies. This tea house is a temple then.