Friday, October 9, 2009

2009 TOST - A trip to Yilan Tea District (6/23/2009)

June 23, another day that we are up early...because our bus ride to Yilan will fight with Taipei's morning traffic. The trip is to visit Yilan, a county on the North East of Taiwan that facing the Pacific Ocean.
One of our members, Ken Rudee of Barnes & Watson Fine Teas, who won First prize at World Tea Expo 2009 for this tea garden's jade oolong, made April 15, 2009. Ken carried the award plaque all the way from Seattle to dedicate the prize to the real 'winner' Mr. Wu, Sheng-Ben. Taiwan's TV Channel also follows this news.
We have chances to taste the prizes teas and also get to visit the beautiful tea gardens there.
Taiwanese are so used to take breaks and have teas with good the tea hut there...our members were invited to have tea with them...
Do pay attention to the those photos of cuppings. During this trip, Thomas will remind every one to take memos for each cupping...the date, weather, cultivar...appearance, color of liquor, aroma, taste, finish...Good thing is we always find time to share the comments.

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  1. It's not surprising a Jade Oolong won recently at WTE. That's the trend, making those green Oolongs a popular tea. I'll pass on those and go for the Oriental Beauty myself.