Saturday, October 10, 2009

2009 TOST - Cupping and Reviewing at Wenshan Branch (6/22/2009)

We visited TRES/Wenshan Branch back on Mach for our scouting... At that time, we thought of Pouchong process will have several sessions of waiting among indoor withering. We have discussed about taking our members to visit tea gardens and also having a class room for Cupping and Reviewing different Pouchongs and Jade Oolongs based on various tea cultivars and finished tea's appearances. Here we are, a nice room right on the upstairs of withering room. Dr. Cheng hosts the tea cupping for our members. You might find the TV reporters and many guests joined us to do the cupping. We appreciate the generous support from TRES/Wenshan Branch and great arrangement by TTMA. What will be better, to hands on in each step of Pouchong processing, and get chance to review what we have done and learn to cup teas with so many tea masters on the site....

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  1. Ah. Cupping and rubbing elbows with the tea masters. What a lot of spiritual capital in one place--people who know how to make transcendent tea.