Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2011 TOST - Briefing on the process (10/19/2011)

It is indeed very generous for Mr. Hong-Cheng Wang to open his tea factory, tea garden to our 2011 TOST members, in addition to that, the young couple are always so pleasant and so willing to share their knowledge and expertise on all things tea. I did my scouting trip back on March 2011 with Steve, and right away we all agreed on selecting this place as our camp-ground for our 2011 TOST hands on making tea. Mr. Wang guided us through his plant and explained to us for each equipment and set up... We will have a long day here...and we are waiting for our fresh leaves to be delivered from the tea field that we visited earlier. That tea garden belongs to Mr. Wang's uncle at a lower altitude, so we can have our early winter leaves to be plucked and processed at about one week earlier. Follow our slideshow to see this ISO-22000 approved tea plant in Alishan.

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