Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2011 TOST - Visit Hong Hsin Tea Nursery (10/18/2011)

Visiting a tea nursery is a new adventure for our TOST program. It is indeed very exciting to see how the new tea plants are cloned. There are a few different methods of having new tea plants... by seedling (which might give the plantation some sorts of managing problem of inconsistency), by layering, or propagation by branch cutting... The nursery we are visitng - Hong-Hsin Tea Nursery in Mingjian, Nantou is one of the largest suppliers for tea plants with cutting propagation. This is our first stop to the central Taiwan, a long bus ride from Taipei. Steve Huang is waiting for us there, and he has a big laugh after he heard through the "rice wine bottled water" joke from our bus...
Mr. Kang is the owner of this nursery, a very nice gentleman. He and his family are working hard and happily there... how could you be not to see many new plants are growing... He explains to our members how the process and what kind of soil...also which cultivars are more popular... This is my first visit to the tea nursery, too.

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