Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2011 TOST - Indoor Withering (10/19/2011)

After the solar withered, the leaves were moved indoor. We have to listen to the masters on site to judge by the leaves' status, subject to the climate condition... every certain period of time, we must go take care of the leaves by moving out the trays and follow the instruction to fluff tea leaves gently... See these tea enthusiasts...everyone is very serious and concentrating on the leaves... Tell me how could you not fall in love with these leaves when you touch and hold them with your hands... While we were doing these by hands...Mr. Wang and his assistants were use the big sheet to shuffle the leaves on the big tray... each tray can be remote controlled to move from the rack up and down... We are competing, TOST team led by Master Steve Huang and Wang-Ting team led by Mr. Wang.

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