Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2011 TOST - Hand rolling Ruby 18 (10/18/2011)

This stop is for our members to hands on rolling on the Ruby 18 - what a surprise! Tung-Feng has a new facility and was selected by Steve and me during our scouting trip in March. We thought of adding this facility to show how the Brandy Oolong is processed plus one small session of hand rolling on the withered leaves will be fun-filled experience. Honestly speaking, that ain't easy at all... While the rolled leaves were set on tray with each member's name then to be sent in oxidation room, we all guessed that the tea we rolled will be a mess. (* It turns out we did make good tea, our Ruby 18 is excellent...Till now still are wondering whether Taiwan Bear had enhanced with his magic touch on our teas...)

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