Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2011 TOST - Visit TRES / Wenshan Branch (10/17/2011)

The last stop of our first day to Wenshan tea district is TRES / Wenshan Branch. I remember our 2009 TOST had spent one long day here to experience the Pouchong tea's solar/indoor withering, fluffing and oxidation... all the way to panning and drying. Kirsten in her "The World of Tea" focus on Taiwan has a full details report on that one. This station has installed a very new pilot tea factory for training and research. The current in charge there, Director Tsai Hsien-Tsung is an old friend of our TOST program. He impressed many of our 2009 TOST members while guiding us in the tea field and nursery room inside the Wenshan Branch. This time, beside showing us the new plant there, he also gave our members a chance to have comparison cupping on Pouchong tea that made from Chinsin, Jin Suang, Tsui Yu, Evergreen, and TTES 19.
By the end of the first day's course, most our members are fully aware that along this trip in Taiwan, they will have plenty of cupping and tasting... Have the cupping logs handy, memo down the conversations... All the information plus the photos, video clips...will be your priceless assets for your future marketing and story telling.

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