Thursday, November 3, 2016

2016 TOST - Opening Ceremony (20161027)

2016 TOST, our 9th year and we expect to be another good trip.  This one, we will highlight the first time, Hands on making Taitung Oolong.  We also will visit Pei-Cheng for the study on Foodservice design and practice. We will have plenty tea shops and tea bars to stop by and observe.  We will have many cupping and tasting wherever we go... and of course, we will visit TRES in Wenshan and Taitung.  I am obliged to many tea farmers, factories, tea stores owners, tea companies CEO... they are so generous and willing to open their facilities to greet our visits.  Sincerely, we treasure each TOST's group learning experience, and we believe this one will be another hit!  Go TOST 2016!

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