Thursday, November 3, 2016

2016 TOST - Visit TTC / Sanhsia Refinery Factory (20161102)

There is good reason why we have arranged this stop in our TOST schedule.  In the past few years, we often end our program with either visiting old tea factories, or walking around old tea business district.  Many of our TOST friends got the image that Taiwan tea is really either in small farmer scale, or those big tea factories are fairy old and outdated.
Josephine and I have decided to ask TTC, Taiwan Tea Corporation, for a favor to open their facility to TOST members to visit.  TTC, used to be Mitsui Norin during Japanese colonized Taiwan.  They have several large tea plants in each tea district, and they also invested modern refinery factory in Sanhsia, New Taipei City.
We promised the manager, NO PICTURE, just to have a guided tour in the facility.  Our members are very impressed with their modern baking units for high quality Oolong baking, and of course, a large scale sifting process line with a few huge blending mixers for the commercial blends.
Thanks to TTC's support and we are glad that 2016 TOST did make it to visit Sanhsia Refinery Factory.

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