Thursday, November 3, 2016

2016 TOST - Visit Shang Lin Tea Factory (20161028)

Farmers in Wenshan district, team up to have Co-Op ISO tea factory.  This is indeed helping the whole district to upgrade with food safety issue.  We are grateful to the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Ueng to guide us to tour their tea factory...and not only to enjoy the Pouchong they made, also we are having Formosa Bonita: Ruby 18 at the factory.  It is a good adjustment that TRES / Wenshan Branch has helped the local farmers to do Spring, Autumn and Winter Crops with lightly oxidized Pouchong, and have the Summer crop leaf for Formosa Bonita.  I have found that more cultivars are planted in Wenshan tea district besides traditional Chinsing Oolong cultivar, now they have many Jin Suang, Ruby 18, also BeeYu, Ying Hsiang...that TRES develops.  A few farmers have worked with us to do Buddha's Palm and Hsui Hsien cultivars for our Amber Oolong projects.  Wenshan Tea District plays such an important role in Taiwan tea history. 

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