Thursday, November 3, 2016

2016 TOST - Visit Pei-Chen Corp. for Foodservice Study (20161102)

Mr. Roger Yu is a very successful and generous Foodservice tea industry leader.  We met him at 2016 World Tea Expo and talked about including his company in our 2016TOST schedule.  Our members will be interested in learning more about the Supplying System behind boba tea bars.  Our time at Pei-Chen has been way over our planned many to see and to ask, also the Pei-Chen team surprises us with a series of new concepts and new developments in serving new tea beverages... with enticing menus.
We are in Oolong business, but how to make Oolong serving with efficiency at foodservice sites, Hotels and Resorts, yet remain good aroma, taste, plus the ambient we want... Pei-Chen seems to have the solution for us.
Just see the photos to find our members really have good time at Pei-Chen Corp.

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