Thursday, November 3, 2016

2016 TOST - Visit Hsiang Tai Tea in Pinling for Pouchong Study (20161028)

At Hsiang Tai Tea House, the young tea master, Aka Feng helps us to do blind cupping on Wenshan Pouchong.  We have more than 3 generations working relationship with Hsiang Tai.  I am so glad that Aka and his younger brother are willing to carry on the family business.  They have different ideas and they will work out their own way of bringing Wenshan Pouchong to another dimension: With skillful baking technique to get vintage Pouchong.  We learn about fresh and green Pouchong, we also will enjoy Vintage Pouchong.  As we often said, tea is to encounter not to pursue.  Mother nature might challenge tea pro with their wisdom not complaint.  Go Wenshan Pouchong!

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