Monday, July 20, 2009

Awesome! Kirsten's TOST 2009 Slideshows

This is great!
Every member of our group did take many photos and videos during the trip. The point is how do we arrange these photos to be reviewed?
Kirsten did an awesome job here:
She guides us through the whole field trip with each stop and it is really helpful.
I believe Ken got a lot more to show...but we haven't seen his production from 2008 yet.
I remembered that Elise kept buying more disks...she must have a lot more far, I have seen two of her videos on the facebook...
Richard is the one got many video clips...sometimes we saw him busy with two camcoders on both hands to shoot...
I know Cory and Bob got many good shots, too...
Josephine did copy her 3000+ photos on my desk top...I kind of figuring out how I want to post them just now...after I re-do our TOST 2008 photos...
Boys...these precious photos can really help to fresh up our good memories.

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