Saturday, July 18, 2009

2008 TOST - Gaoshan Cha, here we come! Shanlinsi (10/26/2008)

After our Jade Oolong Review Cupping, we took two mini buses to head on High Mountains. We were arranged to visit two of the famous 18 mountains in Shanlinsi area. The first mountain top we stopped is Jugewan, the owner is Mr. Huang. His tea plant is very high-tech alright. Our group members were too excited to take photos all over the mountain...The second mountain top is Mr. Chen's garden at the Lungfenghsia. Again, too many to see, and only to see is to believe how steep the tea garden is located...The elevation for both mountains are about 6600 ft high...
We were wondering: how do they overcome to ontrol the solar withering at such a high elevation environment? How do they solve the problem with limited space for the indoor withering and oxidizing? Jackson and Norman leaded the way to answer all our questions. We did appreciate the best hospitality from Mr. Huang and Mr. Chen. This trip indeed is an eye-open experience. Even later, we were down to Lugu to visit the Museum by Lugu Tea farmers' Association, we were still talking about our trip to Shanlinsi. Apparently, after Shanlinsi, our members were less interested in Tung-Ting. We were rushed to catch our high speed train back to Taipei that evening. (Well, we did have good time on the bullet train of Taiwan...later.)

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