Saturday, July 18, 2009

2008 TOST - Certification Ceremony (10/28/2008)

Our program came to an end with a banquet prepared by TTMA. Those directors seated in Educational Committee of TTMA were greeting every member of TOST 2008 at the restaruant. The following photos were takend at the Certification Ceremony. Aaron presentd a Thank You card to TTMA, headed by Chairman Norman Shu and Executive Board Directors and Secretary General Ted Fan. Caroline presented a Thank You card to our conductor Mr. jackson Huang. Every one got chance to share what he/she had in is such a great bunch ! (**Norman did not forget to prepare two large bowls of Jade Oolong to challenge our members to grade and identify the cultivars...but ...James and Devan did make a great fun at him...) The program of TOST 2008 might came to an end...but the mission of taking the knowledge of Taiwan Oolongs to extend the education to tea consumers at the Northern Amercia just begins.

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