Saturday, July 18, 2009

2008 TOST - Tea Gardens at Yilan (10/29/2008)

On 10/29/2008, one day after our Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour program officially ended on the previous evening...due to several members' flights are late evening of 10/29, TTMA is very nice to arrange the bonus tour to visit Yilan area...this is something new for TTMA, too. We were there to see few tea gardens and unbelievably that few of our members enjoy the Aged Oolongs and the Award Winning Jade Oolong from Mr. Wu. They bought all of his inventory. That is something unexpected. We also visit Taiwan Traditional Arts Center and some of our group members were rushing for final minute shopping for souvenirs to take home... On the way back, we visited a tea farmers co-op and have some fine tea they made... This bonus trip actually will set a good example for TTMA on its planning for future schedule of other study groups here in Taiwan.

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