Saturday, July 18, 2009

2008 TOST - Review Cupping (10/26/2008@ Nantou Hotel)

Our group checked in Nantou Hotel late evening of 10/25/2008 after we all enjoyed a wholeday visiting Jade Oolong's harvesting, withering, oxidizing and panning & rolling...Most of us still in jet lag I in the early morning of 10/26, I met Donna and Nez, Bill and Aaron...on the park on the cross street...where they walked around and discussed about what they've seen yesterday...
After our breakfast, Norman Shu did prepare a whole table of Jade Oolongs for our members to do the cupping. It is my idea, to have tea cuppings as a review of our previous day's activities. From these photos, you will know how serious we are!

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