Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour - Part I

2009 Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour was taken placed smoothly during June 21-28.
We have taken over 3000 photos during our trip. Per our group members said it well:
Others might enjoy watching these photos, but these pictures surely will refresh our good memories...

Due to the blogger's limitation, we have to post our selected photos in Part I and Part II.

Our sincere thanks to all the participants:
Kirsten Kristensen, Tea 4 U, LLC, (Ocean, NJ. USA)
Robert Krul, CTC Brewt Corporation, (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
Cory Krul, Cornelia Bean Ltd. (Winnipeg, MB. Canada)
Ken Rudee, Barnes & Watson Fine Teas, (Mercer Island, WA. USA)
Richard and Richy Sakuma, Sakuma Bros. Farms Inc., (Burlington, WA. USA)
Greg Smith, Student, (Carrboro, NC. USA)
Elise Scott, Pearl Fine Teas, (Washington D.C. USA)
Josephine Pan, Organic Teas Only, Inc. (San Marino, CA. USA)
Thomas Shu, ABC TEA, (Baldwin Park, CA. USA)

We know, without our Sponsor, Taiwan Tea Manufacturers' Association (TTMA), this program won't happen. We appreciate these Representatives from TTMA:
Norman Shu, Chairman
Ted Fan, Secretary General
Jackson Huang, Senior Advisor
David Liao, Advisor

This is our second trip, a very intensive program for all to hands on making Pouchong, Oriental Beauty and Press Tea...what a great experience.
We sure are looking forward to our next trip!

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  1. When is the next tour? Do you have to have business related to tea in order to go?

    Is summer always the best time (i.e. tea picking)to go?