Saturday, July 18, 2009

2008 TOST - Grand Cupping (10/27/2008@Sha Keng)

I have emphasized it to TTMA that our TOST group will like to have as many tea cuppings as here it is the Grand Cupping we got on the 10/27/2008 at Sha Keng Tea Manufactory, which owned by Jackson Huang and run by Norman Shu. They have prepared 4 Oriental Beauty, 4 Pouchong, 4 Aged Oolongs, 3 grades of Gin-suan, 3 grades of Tsui-yu, 3 Grades of Chin-sin, 3 grades of Four Season Spring; plus 6 different Gaoshan Cha Oolongs sent in from different mountain tops with various elevations, got to the factory for cupping right before that afternoon. (**A special request by our member: Ken Rudee) Ruby 18 and Burgundy Oolong...That was a marvelous arrangement by Norman and his staff!
Our members were busy cupping each tea and write their logs...just by seeing these photos, you will know how important for our TOST members to learn and review simultaneously.

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