Saturday, July 18, 2009

2008 TOST - Walking around Taipei tea district (10/28/2008)

On the morning of 10/28/2008 - finally, it was an easy schdule for our group members!
Jackson came in Tong Wu Hotel at 9 am, briefly explained about Taipei's tea business district and then he lead us to start a walking tour...from Taipei's first street for trading: Quede Street, where the old British tea traders and old custom house were located...Taipei's first Wholesalers' street: Dihua Street, where still is the wholesale center for Taiwan's import Herb and Foods. We also walked along the first street for Taipei's Jewelry, Fashion and Night Entertainments: Yenping North Road...and then we dropped in to the office of Taipei City Tea Merchants' Associaton, where we were greeted and to be introduced about the Lady God, Cha Jiao Ma Tsu, who was worshiped by tea pros in Taiwan from the early days till now. (**There is a big annual celebration for greeting the Lady God to visit Pinling tea estate. Also, tea merchants in Taipei will take term to be the Chair of Celebration, decided by throw "Bua-Buei" in front of Ma Tsu.)
Taipei's major tea wholesalers are spreading around this area. Great place to visit!

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